Forward Thinking-Interactive Journaling – is a structured, experiential writing process that leads students through a series of core behavior change content, targeted questioning, and effective behavior change strategies focused on supporting positive, pro-social life changes. Forward Thinking-Interactive Journaling allows individuals in a variety of settings and service programs to identify strengths, search out motivations to make change in their lives, and map out a course that can lead to enduring change. Applying the information presented in the Interactive Journals to their own lives helps participants achieve their goals of responsible living.

  • What got me here?
  • Individual Change Plan
  • Responsible Behavior
  • Handling Difficult Feelings
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Family
  • Substance Using Behavior
  • Victim Awareness
  • Reentry Planning

For more information, please contact Sal Arias at (661) 852-5661 or email:

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