Project 180 and Grizzly Challenge Partnership

Project 180 is a gang prevention partnership dedicated to work with at risk youth by helping them make better decisions through caring adult relationships, after school programs, youth development, gang diversion programs, service learning, job skills training, tattoo removal, parenting skill building, crisis response, and teaching life skills. Project 180 is funded by the Kern County Board of Supervisors under the leadership of the Joint City / County Standing Committee to Combat Gang Violence and with administrative support from the Kern County Department of Human Services.

Project 180 partners are faith based and government organizations such as Clinica Sierra Vista, Community Action Partnership of Kern, Garden Pathways, New Life Residential Training & Employment Center, Stay Focused Ministries, and Teen Challenge. The Kern County Department of Human Services (DHS) provides administrative support for the partnership.

The Project 180 partners actively support at-risk youth in Kern through their partnership with the Grizzly Youth Academy (GYA) National Guard Youth Challenge Program in San Luis Obispo California. GYA is designed to redirect and mentor high school dropouts and those students who are at risk from dropping out by giving them educational and career opportunities.

National Guard Youth Programs make a difference:

  • Youth who have completed the Challenge program were 36 percent more likely to have obtained a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) certificate than those who had not participated.
  • Youth who have participated in Challenge were more likely to be working and attending college than their peers who had not completed the program.
  • Challenge graduates reported a much higher level of self-efficacy and were less likely to have been arrested compared to at-risk youths who had not participated in the program.

For more information about Grizzly Youth Academy, contact Sal Arias at (661) 852-5661, or go to the California National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Programs website at or call Grizzly Youth Academy staff at 1-800-926-0643.

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